Directional Royalty

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If Lorde would have met Călin Andreescu then the song Royals would have different lyrics today, because she would have had the chance to see, firsthand, how royalty feels – That precious, luxurious type, of course. I am happy to announce that Călin hasn`t lost his patience & mind yet, although from time to time he sends a message complaining I`m mean – What can I say in my defense? “It comes with the gender”? :). So, he still offers me the chance to be a star in some of his truly amazing editorials. I hope that by the end of June I get, as a birthday gift, the message in which I`m officially named a muse, but somehow  I have the feeling that something like that would never happen, `cause he doesn`t like to feed my vanity with compliments – it`s ok, these gorgeous pictures he takes are enough – hey, I don`t cross some lines.ROYALTY-2

Despite the fact that the initial concept has been adapted to our immediate possibilities, I am quite delighted with the overall result and couldn`t ask for more. Once again I had the chance to work with Diana Flore at styling – she`s one of the first people I worked since the beginning of my career and she`s like a human Molotov cocktail made of spice, kinky humor, pure energy and crazy ideas. I think we did such a great team, because she managed to take the dresses I loved from one of my favorite boutiques in town – Soiree Privee – and paired them with young designer’s coats, practically setting the tone for the editorial`s general atmosphere. The combinations were brilliant and easy to work with. What else can I tell you about the duo Flavia Silaghi and Dan Stoica? It wasn`t the first time I worked simultaneously with them (they were in charge of the  Caramel FW Campaign looks also) and I can`t describe how hard it is for me to erase an impeccable make-up and ruin those perfect retro curls after a shooting. Their work is such an inspiration `cause it reveals what you can do if you see the best in people and how amazing (such a poor adjective) they can look with a little professional help (you`ll be a beauty addict once they get their hands on you – just send them a message!) .

ROYALTY-3Although prepared for Tantalum Magazine (it was accepted and published in a shorter version) – the editorial also made it to (It`s not Calin`s first encounter with the team – Big congrats, Sir!). Oh, I got spoiled with some really flattering words – yep, here it is again – Vanity, my favorite sin. Even if Lorde said “we would never be royals”, she also said that “We’re bigger than we ever dreamed / And I’m in love with being queen!” – yep, Lorde, you got that right! Now be kind and call me Queen B!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Călin, for all these great pictures! And yes, it`s true – Together Each Achieves More! <3

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