Dusty Pink


Lately I`ve been driving people around me crazy because in every conversation I mention, at least once, that “I`ve been watching this documentary and…” – yes, I`m at that stage of my life. It really got me – everything started with In Vogue: The Editors Eye (My God, I highly recommend it if you’re a fashion lover) and soon one video lead to another and there I was, walking through imaginary gardens with Christian Dior, learning from him that loyalty between friends can save lives. I laughed alone in my room when Tom Ford said he needs to take a bath when he can`t deal with things no more – that`s what I do too – and told myself that he would have been a great actor if he had pursued his dream, but he did a pretty amazing job as a designer, so he made the right choice. And then there was Diane von Furstenberg and her suitcase of wrap dresses that made history. As I was discovering this outstanding woman, interview after interview, the phrase “Feel like a woman, wear a dress!” stuck in my mind. It wasn`t long till I got to visit Caramel`s headquarters and, with this quote in mind, I asked Oana – my faithful little helper – about a particular item from SS `15 Campaign. You see – I was looking for a dress (for quite some time), from this brand, that truly represents my romantic side and the one I had in mind seemed to be a perfect choice. Of course, it was sold out in the first week and that meant one thing: I can forget about it. The good news was that because of the high number of demands the dress was in full production again, but in different shades: dusty pink, fuchsia and turquoise (the initial one was a dark purple).


On a Thursday morning I got a call and half an hour later Oana brought me a sample of each color. Oh, the soft silk it`s fantastic. You could swear you`re naked – that`s how light it feels on the skin. The waist is marked by a handmade belt of velvet & pearls – made by Bianca from Bloomy Neighborhood. But the detail that made me fall in love is the side ribbon. I simply adore how the upper side of the body looks with this element. I must confess that I love the turquoise version a lot, but I had in mind this feather crown from KatheriniMou by Ecaterina Colasiz and I remembered the little lake in the park and the swans boats. I instantly knew that the blue boats and the pink dress would be an eye grabbing combination. Anca was delighted by my idea and I was pretty enthusiastic until I got there, had to take the boat alone and get under a bridge. You should have seen me – acting like the ultimate diva, feeling lost and yelling “I`m gonna die if the boat leans to much” – but Anca saved the day with her complete calm and I`m still alive.

You can have the dress if you drop a message to Oana on the Caramel`s official page – here (or at their shop in Polus Mall) and the feather crown from KateriniMou is available here!

Thank you, Anca Cheregi, for the photos! I`m so lucky to have you! <3

Hugs and love!





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