UAD 2015 Exhibition


Autoportret – Adelina Paula Cobuz

I know that fashion might not be everybody`s cup of tea, that is why I decided to show you  what the graduates prepared for the annual exhibition, before I show you what those from Fashion Design did. Departments like Sculpture, Graphic Design, Painting, Textile Design, Ceramics, Interior Design, Photo/Video gathered 3000 works of art at Expo Transylvania and everybody tried to stand out in the most beautiful way. This morning I took my new camera and tried to take some pictures of the things that made me stop and stare (I`ve just started working with a professional camera and it is quite a challenge, but I`m optimistic). Anca had to keep an eye on what I do (she usually takes the pictures) and we had a good laugh because we both had to walk in someone else’s shoes these days (I think Anca really appreciates me more after she had to walk wearing 12 cm stilletos).

While Anca was delighted, by what she saw and wanted to touch everything, I was a little bit sad because I had the feeling I already knew the concepts. Some of the projects resemble a lot with what I saw last year, but I tried to focus on the ones that were really original due to the theme or execution. The exhibition is opened until the 3rd of July, at Expo Transylvania and the entrance is free. These is just a small sample of what you can see there and a few of the works I really liked:


University`s Diversity – Mocanu Ioana

14 15

My people – Lapusan Cristian-Gabriel


Geneza – Lung Ilies Mihai (it had such an interesting display – you could rotate the drawings and make the characters stand face to face or as you pleased)


Set piese sah neconventionale – Petre Craciun (One of my favourites)


Convoi – Ionel Mihai (don`t they look like characters form Lord of the Rings?)


Zidul4 – Gruber Mihaela Alexandra (prof. coordonator – Radu Solovastru) | this is amazing and Mihaela has skills! Wrinkles, expressions – she captured everything! Love, love, love!

11 19

I loved the sense of humor! It was a survival kit and is signed by Teodora Slavu

24 22

Expressive Contemporary Textiles in Interior Design – Magyari Annamaria (it was a fake wall meant to reconfigure space. Oh, but the fabrics… I just wanted to touch it over and over again!)

20 21

Stare – Dobriban Melinda

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