Four years ago I met a woman called Simina. I`m sure that it didn`t happen by chance, but God carefully planned it, because she came into my life exactly when I needed someone to believe in me. She called and asked if I would be interested to work with her and I gladly accepted – little did I knew that a simple “yes” would change my life. I worked with her husband and shot some evening dresses & costumes, for a little brand they were  in charge with. At the end of the day she asked me to take my clothes off and walk around in underwear – they decided I would be perfect for the swimwear line (I thought they were kidding, because I am very skinny and never imagined I could be selected for this type of job) and the rest is history. Three months later I became a Jolidon girl, the image of Prelude – Swimwear line – and got to see Paris for the first time. Simina calls me “Scorpie” (it makes me laugh while I`m writing it) because of my strong features & “față cur-de-bebe” because I have a perfect skin 😀 It might seem that I exagerate, but she has built my self-confidence since day 1 and every time she calls I know something good is about to happen. I met my boyfriend in Paris (I know – it`s a cliché!) because she had the idea to bring dancers at the fashion shows; I met one of my best friends in Paris because she said we`d get along and made sure we`re going to share the same room; she recommended me to my future agent and I signed a contract half of year later;


This year I went back to Paris and wandered the streets all alone most of the time. I missed the old team, but I was glad I had some time to see a few great exhibitions. At Mode City – @ Jolidon showroom – I was on three huge posters: finally my dream came true and I had been chosen to shine in the Prelude lingerie campaign. It`s my favorite line because of the soft fabrics and gorgeous designs. I`m a big fan since… forever… and always loved the campaigns – girls looked like dolls and the products were all on my wish list. I also did the campaign for Jolidon`s main swimwear line, with beautiful Cassandra from MRA. I was really happy when they told me they had bought a ticket for me and I`m going to Paris again. Hope you`ll love some of the pictures I`ve chose from the catalogue, but remember: the products will be available in stores only next year. If you have a crush on something visit Jolidon`s online shop and I`m sure you`ll find something similar. Photos made by Cristi Cîmpean.








prelude_11 prelude_12


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