Wedding Photography Workshop with Marian Sterea

The first thing that crossed my mind, as I sat down, planning to write about the Wedding Photography Workshop I`ve attended last week, was the fact that there`s something special about Marian Sterea. I think that the strange combination between a natural born leader and a prankster makes him such an interesting character. Just when you get the impression you did something wrong and he`s about to argue, he actually loosens the atmosphere with some joke or self-irony. Everything is balanced by Daniela, his wife, a discreet presence at workshops, but vital in order for things to turn out great. Behind every strong man, there`s an even powerful woman – remember?

I`ve just got home after a long trip and it`s very late. But I love writing at night, when it`s dark and all I can hear are trains, far away, passing by. Marian and Daniela brought me a gorgeous framed picture that we took at their previous workshop in Timisoara. I have it in front of me and I`m smiling because my mom will get it in two days and I`m sure she`s going to love it. Even Ingrid (my no.1 critic) said it looks like I came out of a fairytale and I agree – Marian`s secret lays in these warm gorgeous shades.

Soooo, I got married. Again. I`ve become this Black Widow and twice a year I find myself a handsome husband, I ruin his life and he finally dies under mysterious circumstances. Oh, relax, I`m just kidding… Am I? I would like to take advantage of this opportunity and let everyone know that Adi and Cosmin are safe and sound. Last week I had the pleasure of being the star of Marian`s Wedding Photography Workshop, along with my designated groom – Wolverine! Oh, sorry – I meant to say  Cosmin Goron. The magic trio (Marian &Daniela Sterea + Cristi Manolache) has traded the sunny seashores for the cold mountains and I somehow get the feeling that no, fain! can be heard more often in Constanta. When I saw, on his official page, that he`s coming to Cluj I was really happy. I loved what happened at his workshop in Timisoara and I knew that there were people in Ardeal interested in something like this – so, I wasn`t the only one waiting for them. Look at this big crowd:

11811336_899858926754407_5879068244868306745_nThey brought two beautiful bride gowns by Otilia Brailoiu and I had a great excuse to go back the second day and bother them a little more. We took some lovely pictures with a natural look and I almost got hit by cars in the pursuit for great pictures. Oh, the things we do for art! The accessories are made by KateriniMou and I was made to look like a doll by my dear Miha Faragau. If you take a look at the end of this post – you`ll find a short movie and see how all these pictures were taken.




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As I did after the workshop held in Timișoara (read the story here), I`ve chosen some pictures I loved from the photographers I met last week. The next stop will be Bucharest and there is still time to join – see more on Marian`s official page. Trust me – it`s worth every penny! 😀











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