I write about what I know best: about me. And about all the things that today made me feel good. About the people I love and those that give me a hard time.

I write about my journey, through miles and miles of challenges, places I once called home or lands that I was blessed to step on wearing boots or high heels.

I write, mostly, so I don`t forget – details, feelings and even entire days. I write because pretty often I didn`t enjoy the ending of a story nearby.

I write about what I do because there`s a lot of passion behind actions.

I write because sometimes it`s hard to make people around me feel how much I love them, so I touch their hearts through words.

I`m always looking for a catchy phrase, for a short story, I`m always writing in my thoughts and I only do small retouches to the final text when I upload it.

As you can see from above – for me it`s all about the story. It`s not only about the beautiful clothes I get the chance to work with, it`s about the ideas worth spreading. It`s about revelations in small things.

I have an eight years love story with fashion and a background in philology and advertising – but I don`t think this is truly relevant: a book, a great movie or a person can have the same impact on someone`s aesthetics and education as an entire semester.

My motto: Make the best of what you`ve got! – Because sometimes if you focus on your own backyard you`ll be surprised how many blessings God sent your way and you just stashed them without fully enjoying them.

I hope you`ll enjoy the stories!